The chat is moderated and only open at specific times.

This is primarly a German chat. For Englischspeakers there is a separate chat room you will be invited to. Private chats are not possible.

After registration we would like you to briefly introduce yourself. For this purpose you will be automatically invited to an introduction room.

Accounts that have been inactive for a long time will be deactivated by us at regular intervals. If this happens to you, you can just register again at any time.


No sexual acts with children below the age of 14

The most important requirement for participation in the chat is the conviction that sexual acts between children and adults must not take place for ethical reasons.

Treat each other with respect

Consider the netiquette. We especially do not tolerate discrimination, sexism or racism.

What happens in the chat stays in the chat

The chat is about sensitive and personal topics. In order to create a safe space where everyone feels comfortable, you may not talk about conversations in the chat outside of it, unless given explicit permission.

The chat is not an exchange platform for child pictures

We do not allow pictures or videos for the sole purpose of sharing “cute” or “attractive” children. If it is relevant to an ongoing discussion, an occasional picture is fine, as long as it does not violate rule 5. This also means that your profile picture cannot be the picture of a real child.

No unacceptable media

The upload of or links to violent, pornographic or provocative images and videos is not permitted.

No pornographic descriptions

This chatroom is for friendly discussions and exchange between MAPs and Allies from all around the world, not to make each other horny.

No exchange of private contact information

In order to increase the security of our users, the exchange of contact information (such as email addresses, phone numbers, Tox ID, discord name, Instagram account, etc.) is not allowed.

Special rule for scientists, journalists and students

Registration by real name

For the sake of transparency we ask you to register with your real name. Furthermore, we require a confirmation of the supervising university / editor or similar before invitation.


Respectful and appreciative interaction with each other is important to us. Therefore we want to orientate ourselves additionally to the following guidelines in order to find a constructive exchange.

I-Messages. We try to speak from our own perspective: “I” instead of “you”. Criticism and conflicts can be solved more constructively if we tell how we feel instead of judging others.

Listen and inquire. Many conflicts arise from misunderstandings. To avoid this, we let others finish and ask questions when in doubt.

No unsolicited advice. We all want to help solve the problems of others. However, we are careful about whether advice is wanted at all. Often it is better to simply talk about difficult feelings without directly offering a solution. And when we do offer advice, we do so in the form of “I” messages and questions (“have you ever tried …?”). We avoid phrases like “you must” or “you should.”

No judging. We all know what it’s like to be judged for feelings we can’t control. Our chat is meant to be a safe space from that. Therefore, we accept and respect the feelings of others, and try not to judge.

Not about, but with each other. In case of questions, comments and feedback we talk directly with the affected person. We also try to resolve conflicts directly with all those concerned.